Jagaffair | Emcee & Music for Private & Formal Events
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Emcee & Music for Private & Formal Events

About This Project

 Passion, Experience, & Energy

The DJ, MC, & Event Manager of your private or formal event must have Energy, Experience, and Passion.  JAG Affair has all three.



JAG Affair has a passion to not only be the DJ, but also ensure the client and guests have an amazing experience at every event.  Through intricate planning and preparation, JAG guarantees the highest quality event possible.  Furthermore, by making sure the timeline flows smoothly and promptly, JAG also guarantees to get the most out of every occasion.   To ensure communication and quality of the event, each client has access to their online planner account.  This account has every detail of information that JAG has for your event, and lets each client work directly with their DJ on their specific event.   Because of these guarantees, JAG’s is able to achieve the main goal; To hear each client, whether a bride and groom, retirement celebration, sweet 16, or holiday party, express that they had the “Best Event Ever!”  This reaction at the end of each affair is why JAG fell in love with this profession, and why JAG Affair will always have a Passion to make every event unforgettable.



It is impossible to state in a paragraph or two exactly how dynamic events can be.  Just with the music alone, many questions must be asked throughout an event to ensure the desired results.  Is the music at the correct volume?  Is this the right genre of music for this type of audience? Are there songs requested by the clients or the guests that can be played soon?  How will the music transition from this song to the next skillfully enough as to not disturb the energy of the room or the dance floor?  This is just the music we are talking about.  Let’s dig a little deeper.

Is the DJ and/or lighting equipment set-up and cleaned up before the first guests arrive?

Is the father of the bride in the room before we announce the father / daughter dance?

Do the all the guest speakers of the evening know where to hold the mic for the highest quality?

Is the audience silent and attentive for the someone on the microphone?

Is someone too intoxicated to speak?

Is the food ready to be served before dinner is announced?

This list, as you can imagine, is infinite.  Simply put, only Experience can answer these questions.  After being a party of over 1,000 formal events at 100’s of different venues, JAG Affair has seen it all.  With over a decade of experience in the industry, JAG Affair is ready  to answer any and all questions. Just ask.



JAG Affair understands that the tone of the evening is set through the music and the microphone.  Low Energy DJ = Low Energy Event.  This is not a question or a theory, but a fact.  Experience a JAG Affair event, and you will understand that low energy is just not in JAG’s vocabulary.  JAG Affair will mix the music, energize the crowd, and lead them in a dance, all without skipping a beat.  Not many possesses the necessary energy needed for a successful event;  JAG Affair does.


A Note from JAG Affair

“This is my passion.  This is what I love.”

  More than a Dj, not your average Emcee.  I have become an expert in utilizing the music, microphone, dancing, and all the many aspects of an event to give each one of my clients, and their guests, the extraordinary time they deserve.  I have the passion, experience, and energy to conduct any type of event, at any location, anywhere in the world.  I will do everything in my power to provide the highest level of success at every event I conduct as your DJ, Emcee, & Event Manager.  In doing this, I will prove my passion & love for my profession.

Good Luck in all of your decisions, and enjoy every moment in this life!

“If I wasn’t there, it wasn’t a JAG Affair…”